My Own Beauty Line

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Are you looking to start your own hair care, skin care, nail polish, edge control, eyelash, beard kit, weave, hair vitamin/gummy, makeup, beard oil or perfume/ cologne line?  Many people want to start their own beauty brands  but don't know where to start.

 If you always wanted your own hair/skin care line, but don't know how to complete the steps A-Z My Own Beauty Line is the perfect way for you to build your brand. In this eBook? I get straight to the point with helpful information for you to apply immediately. 

My Name is Ashley J & I own Curlay LLC. So many people asked me how to get started making their own brands & I would love to help. 


Here is what I am offering.

-Helping you choose between making or private labeling your product

-A list of 20 manufacturers 

-Ordering samples

-Where to get your product bottles

-How to get your logos made

-How to get your Labels made

-What to tell your Graphic Designer

-How to figure out what size Labels you need

-How to get your labels printed & find water & oil resistant paper

-How to market on Instagram

-What to post on Instagram

-Creating a theme on Instagram 

-Color psychology

-How to sell a lifestyle in order to Sale a Product 

- How to create a Target Audience

--Instagram shout-outs

-LLC & EIN info

-Tips to help you stay in business