Hair Tips

Here are some of the things I did that helped me out!

1. I Cut My Dead Ends.

In 2014 I dyed my hair light brown. I used one of those hair dyes from Walmart that come in the purple box. I remember it wasn’t the color I wanted so I ran to Walmart every two weeks. I dyed it about 3 or 4 times. I eventually loved the color but the ends of my hair were horrible! My ends were super dry and my curls were more like waves. At that point, I was over it. I dyed my hair black and I went to a beauty school to get my hair cut to the top of my shoulders. I HATED it! I hated the fact that I could bearly fit it in a pony tail but I just rocked my Dora the Explorer hair cut until my hair grew back.

If your ends are dry, brittle, split, or heat damaged I would suggest letting them go! For one your hair is going to look and feel healthier. If you have split ends your hair is going to continue to break off.

2.  I Slowed Down on Heat.

In high school, I straightened my hair everyday. Come to think about it, my hair probably smelled like a hair salon every day. My older sister would ask me “why do you wash and straighten your hair everyday?” I really didn’t have an answer. I never really thought about it or thought it was a probelm. Once my mom told me I couldn’t get any more perms I was HURT! I literally was in tears telling her my hair was so damaged I couldn’t put the comb through it.

Fast forward to after high school 2012-2014 I finally started wearing my curls out. I would still straighten my hair but maybe once a month.

In March 2017-feb 28 2018 I didn’t use any heat! My hair had grown so much but i forgot to trim the ends. Once my hair was straight I had a few inches cut off.

Heat causes damage,and honestly it screws up your beautiful curl pattern.

2. Vitamins 

I started taking Hair Vitamins around 2015. Once I got pregnant with my son in 2016, I stopped and instead took prenatal pills. Between being pregnant and those pills my hair grew tremendously. Even after I had my son I remained taking the prenatal pills.

Not only do hair vitamins help your hair grow, they usually have the benifits of a multivitamin. Some times our diets aren’t the healthiest and vitamins can provide the nutrients we need.

3. Growth oils

3 months after I had my son, my hair started falling out. My hair was falling out in big clumps and my edges were thinning.  By the time it was all said and done, my edges were almost gone. I researched some oils that work great for your hair. I mixed some oils together and eventually my edges were fully back.


I specifically wrote that in bold because that’s how important it was for my journey. I made so many deep contionders at home. I would have my sisters try them out and let me know what thought. The way my hair felt after I deep conditioned my hair was unbelievable. My hair was so soft and easy to comb out.

The way I deep condition:

Start off with wet or dry hair. Part your hair in 4 sections so it’s easier to work with. Apply the deep conditioner in each section and detangle your hair. Use a wide tooth comb so it makes the detangling process easier. Once your hair is fully combed out, wait 30-40 mins before rinsing. I prefer not to rinse my hair in hot water because I feel like it drys my hair out.